What is a Clubhouse and Its History? How to Register and Log in?

What is a Clubhouse and Its History? How to Register and Log in?

What is a Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio based social media app launched in March 2020. What is Unique about it is, it is an invite-only audio-only app. 

Few folks type it as a club house. But the actual spelling is Clubhouse, there is no gap between club and house.

Reason behind the name of clubhouse app

The general meaning of clubhouse is the building used for different activities. This building is usually splitted into rooms where the different activities take place. For example rooms can be gym, conference room, indoor sports rooms, etc. 

Similarly, clubhouse social media contains clubs and rooms. Clubs are communities where people are members. In rooms, the discussion would take place on defined topics.

History of Clubhouse

Paul Davidson and Rohit Seth are the founders of the Clubhouse drop in audio chat app.  

The founders developed the clubhouse app under the organisation Alpha Exploration Co which was founded in 2020 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States.

They started building the voice-only app late 2019. The idea was to develop a voice based social media app for podcasts with no images and videos. Also, typing the messages and submitting them is kind of an old book method. 

Moreover, we can not do our work if there is a dependency on typing and submitting the messages. In the clubhouse, that is not at all concerned now, you can talk wherever you are, whatever you are doing.  

Thus, they decided to develop an app which can be used anytime and anywhere when we feel like using it irrespective of the nature of work. 

Initially, the app name was Talkshow, later renamed it into “Clubhouse”.

They launched the beta version of the clubhouse app in March, 2020. The beta version was only released in IOS and also it was not upto the mark. Thus, they started collecting the feedback from their friends, well wishers and kept on improving the quality of the app. 

The clubhouse app had only 1500 downloads in May,2020. The app received funding from different venture capitalists including Andressan Horowitz and Series A. 

Initially, the clubhouse users started increasing slowly till December 2020. Due to covid 19 pandemic, isolation and lockdown increased the clubhouse downloads in December, 2020. 

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davidson said that clubhouse active users as of January, 2021 was 2 million and estimated 3 million downloads by Feb, 2021. At this stage, Founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk appeared in the Clubhouse in Feb,2021. It made clubhouse app downloads increase tremendously. 

The active users on clubhouse increased more than 8 millions in Feb,2021. 

Clubhouse Users

Month & Year Number of Clubhouse Users (Approximately)
May, 2020 1.5K
June, 2020 2K
July, 2020 4K
August, 2020 6K
September, 2020 10K
December, 2020 0.6M
January, 2021 2M
February, 2021 8M+
March, 2021 10M+

The Clubhouse announced they started developing the Android App in January, 2021.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also appeared on the Clubhouse. It again created more popularity and growth to the clubhouse audio-only chat application.

Clubhouse launched an android version of the application on 21 May, 2021 in India and across the world. Therefore, the clubhouse downloads and usage increased massively. Most of the downloads were from android centric countries like india. 

In May 2021, the total app downloads was 3.8 million, out of which 1.7 million downloads from India.

In June 2021, 80% of the downloads of total clubhouse app downloads from India, It is a huge number. 6.7 million was total app downloads globally, out of which 5.2 million downloads from India. 

What’s Special in Clubhouse Logo?

When we download or see any application, the first thing we see is the logo. The clubhouse owners Paul Davidson and Rohit Seth grabbed the users attention from the logo.

People are wondering who the girl in the app icon is, the answer is here, history behind the clubhouse app icon.

The clubhouse app’s icon isn’t fixed, instead changing for every update. The icon used is the face of a famous personality/social activist. As for now there have been 9 people/celebrities used as icons. It represents the clubhouse invite-only social media app for the community. 

In the May 2021 release, they added the face of Drue Kataoke as the application logo. She is known as American Social Activist from Asian descent, Technologists and visual artist.

A recent release of the invite-only app has the face of Dandara Pagu. She is a social activist from Brazil and fighter for human rights, especially for Black womens. 

Clubhouse Registration

This voice only app is available for Android and iOS. We can download the app from Google play store and Apple app store

Signup on clubhouse is different from other social media applications. This clubhouse literally doesn’t let you inside unless you have a friend who can invite you in. 

Also, one can not sign up in the clubhouse without a phone number as of now. Because they provided only phone number based registration, once we register, we will receive an OTP to the given phone number. 

We could see many of us confused about how to send and  get the invite link  from the clubhouse app. Actually, it is easy to send and get an invite link from the app. 

Click on the envelope icon, it will open the screen where we can see the search box along with contacts. We can search the contacts and click on the “Invite” button beside each contact. So It will send an invitation to your contacts through SMS. 

How to sign up in Clubhouse?

  • Open the join link received in sms, which opens the clubhouse application in your phone. 
  • Click on “Get your username” and Enter the Phone Number.
  • By Clicking Next, you will receive a SMS with OTP and Verify the OTP.
  • Enter the unique username.
  • That’s it, You are ready to use the app now.

How to sign up in the clubhouse without an invite link?

  • Open the application.
  • Click on “Get your username” and Enter the Phone number..
  • By Clicking Next, you will receive a SMS with OTP and Verify the OTP.
  • Enter the unique username.
  • Anyone from your contact list who already has an account can let you in.
  • When your contacts let you in, you will be notified.
  • That’s it, You are ready to use the app now.

Login to Clubhouse

Login to the clubhouse is based on OTP verification. You can login to the app using following steps.

  • Click on ‘Sign In’ in the app’s home screen and ask you to enter your mobile number. 
  • Once you enter the mobile number, you will receive an OTP. 
  • Verify the OTP. 
  • That’s it, You are ready to use the app now.


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